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1. General Policies
1.00 AdvertisingCHC-P
1. General Policies1.01 Acceptance of Clients PolicyCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.01 Competitor Analysis FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.02 Additional Service Referral PolicyCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.02 Marketing Plan TemplateHWS-F
1. General Policies
1.03.1(2) - Up-To-Date/Accepted Standards Practice PolicyCHC-P
1. General Policies
1.03.1(9) - Choose Freely and Change Providers PolicyCHC-P
1. General Policies
1.03.1(10) - Information Privacy PolicyCHC-P
1. General Policies1.03 Bill of Rights and Addendum PolicyCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.03 Inquiry FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.04 Billing – Medical Assistance Tracking PolicyCHC-P
1. General Policies1.04 Billing PolicyCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.04 Inquiry - After Hours FormHWS-F
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.05 Application and Deposit for Tenancy PolicyHWS-P
1. General Policies1.05 Client Record - OutlineCHC-P
1. General Policies1.06 Client Record – ConfidentialityCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.06 HWS Contract & Lease Agreement Suggested TOCHWS-P
1. General Policies1.07 Client Record – DocumentationCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.07 Tenant Handbook Suggested TOCHWS-P
1. General Policies1.08 Client Record – Release of Information
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.08 Security Deposit PolicyHWS-P
1. General Policies1.09 Client Record - RetentionCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.09 Signing a Lease Agreement PolicyHWS-P
1. General Policies1.10 Client Record – Security and StorageCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.10 Tenant Emergency Contact FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.11 Client Request to Discontinue Life-Sustaining TreatmentCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.11 Designated Representative PolicyHWS-P
1. General Policies1.12 Communication BookCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.12 Designated Representative FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.13 Complaints Regarding Home CareCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.13 Release FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.14 Complaint FormCHC-F
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.14 Tenant Extra Key Log FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.15 ConfidentialityCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.15 Things to Bring sample FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.16 Corporate Compliance Program DescriptionCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.16 Tenant Lease Termination NoticeHWS-P
1. General Policies1.17 CPR/DNRCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.17 Sample Letter - Tenant Move-OutHWS-P
1. General Policies1.18 Death of a ClientCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.18 Move-Out Checklist FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.19 Emergency/ 911CHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.19 Tenant Move-Out Reconciliation FormHWS-F
1. General Policies1.20 Handling of Client Finances and PropertyCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.20 Waiting List PolicyHWS-P
1. General Policies1.21.1 - Notification of Change of Information PolicyCHC-P
1. General Policies
1.21.2 - Notification of Change of Information Policy
1. General Policies1.21 Home Care LicenseCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.21 Moving Units PolicyHWS-P
1. General Policies1.22 Incident Report – Client/Guest/Building/GroundsCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.22 Pet Policy - non service animal PolicyHWS-P
1. General Policies1.23.1 Incident Report - Client Form 2CHC-F
1. General Policies1.23 Incident Report-Client FormCHC-F
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.23 Service & Companion Animals PolicyHWS-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.24 Tenant Emergency PlanHWS-P
1. General Policies1.24 Vulnerable Adults and Maltreatment – Communication, Prevention, and ReportingCHC-P
1. General Policies1.25 Missing ClientCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.25 Risk Agreement - Tenant PolicyHWS-P
1. General Policies1.26 Quality Improvement ProjectCHC-P
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.26 Risk Agreement - Tenant Form.docxHWS-F
1 Marketing and Tenancy1.27 Exercise Room RulesHWS-P
1. General Policies1.27 Release FormCHC-F
1. General Policies1.28 Risk AgreementCHC-P
1. General Policies1.29 Risk Agreement - Client FormCHC-F
1. General Policies1.292 Risk Agreement – Bed RailsCHC-P
1. General Policies1.30 Statement of Home Care ServicesCHC-P
1. General Policies1.31 Temporary | Supplemental Staff and Contract Staff Qualifications PolicyCHC-P
1. General Policies1.32 Survey Preparedness Book
1. General Policies1.33 Survey Preparedness - Home Care Client Roster FormCHC-F
1. General Policies1.34.1 MDH Client Roster and Death - DC Roster TemplateCHC-F
1. General Policies1.34 Survey Preparedness - Home Care DC Client Roster formCHC-F
4. Nursing1.35 Termination of Service Notification FormCHC-F
1. General Policies1.36 Video and PhotographyCHC-P
1. General Policies1.60 Locking doorsCHC-P
1. General Policies1.61 RoommatesCHC-P
1. General Policies1.62 Person Driven ServicesCHC-P
1. General Policies1.63 PrivacyCHC-P
1. General Policies1.64 Dignity and RespectCHC-P
1. General Policies1.65 Coercion and RestraintsCHC-P
1. General Policies1.66 Independent ChoicesCHC-P
2 General Policies2.01 Confidentiality PolicyHWS-P
2 General Policies2.02 CPR DNR PolicyHWS-P
2. Employment2.02 Personnel Files/Employee Records PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.03 Video and Photography PolicyHWS-P
2. Employment2.03 Volunteer Records PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.04 Attendance PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.04 Emergency Contact PolicyHWS-P
2 General Policies2.05 24 Hour Emergency Response PolicyHWS-P
2. Employment2.05 Time & Attendance PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.06 Emergency 911 PolicyHWS-P
2. Employment2.06 Time Cards - Review PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.07 Call Log Form.docxHWS-F
2 General Policies2.08 Complaint PolicyHWS-P
2. Employment2.09 Break & Meal Time PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.09 Complaint Form.docxHWS-F
2. Employment2.10 Calling-In Sick PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.10 Missing Tenant PolicyHWS-P
2 General Policies2.11 Death of a Tenant PolicyHWS-P
2. Employment2.11 Holidays PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.12 Holidays - Floating PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.12 Incident Report-Tenant PolicyHWS-P
2 General Policies2.13 Incident Report-Tenant FormHWS-F
2. Employment2.13 Overtime PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.14 Billing PolicyHWS-P
2. Employment2.14 PTO Request Form.docxCHC-F
2 General Policies2.15 Handling of Tenant Finances and Property PolicyHWS-P
2. Employment2.15 Staffing PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.16 Cell Phones PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.16 Expense Report FormHWS-F
2 General Policies2.17 Check Request FormHWS-F
2. Employment2.17 Gifts and Donations PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.18 Personal Phone Calls PolicyCHC-P
2 General Policies2.18 Request for Petty Cash FormHWS-F
2. Employment2.19 Smoking /Tobacco Use PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.20 Social Media PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.21 Solicitation PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.24 LPN Job Description CHC-F
2. Employment2.25 Marketing Coordinator Job DescriptionCHC-F
2. Employment2.26 Office Coordinator Job DescriptionCHC-F
2. Employment2.27 RN Supervisor Job DescriptionCHC-F
2. Employment2.28 Unlicensed Personnel Job DescriptionCHC-F
2. Employment2.29 Employee Application Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.30 Sample Interview QuestionsCHC-F
02 Employment2.31 Sample Letter - New HireCHC-F
02 Employment2.32 Sample Letter - Interview TurndownCHC-F
02 Employment2.33 Sample Letter - Not InterviewedCHC-F
2. Employment2.34 Background Checks PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.35 Kari Koskinen Manager Background CheckCHC-P
2. Employment2.36 Reference Checks PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.37 Reference Checks - QuestionsCHC-F
2. Employment2.38 Reference Checks - Verification Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.39 Orientation PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.41 Start-Change - Termination Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.42 Code of Conduct Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.43 Key and Property Log Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.44 Employee Evaluation.docxCHC-P
2. Employment2.45 Sample Evaluation Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.46 Sample Evaluation Form 2.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.47 30-Day Performance Report Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.48 Self Assessment Review Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.49 Performance Feedback Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.50 Employee Performance Documentation Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.51 Performance Review Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.52 Corrective Action PolicyCHC-P
2. Employment2.53 Employee Counseling Step 1 Form.docxCHC-F
02 Employment2.54 Employee Counseling Step 2 Form.docxCHC-F
02 Employment2.55 Employee Counseling Step 3 Form.docxCHC-F
02 Employment2.56 Employee Counseling Step 4 Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.57 Termination Report Form.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.58 Sample Letter - Termination.docxCHC-F
2. Employment2.59 Termination Checklist.docxCHC-F
3 Employment3.01 Employee Handbook Suggested TOCHWS-A
3. Orientation & Training3.01 Orientation for Home Care StaffCHC-P
3. Orientation & Training3.02 Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders – Training and NotificationCHC-P
3 Employment3.02 Employee Records PolicyHWS-P
3. Orientation & Training3.03 Qualifications of Home Care InstructorsCHC-P
3 Employment3.03 Volunteer Records PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.04 Attendance PolicyHWS-P
3. Orientation & Training3.04 Training and Competency Evaluations for Unlicensed PersonnelCHC-P
3. Orientation & Training3.05 Delegated Nursing ServicesCHC-P
3 Employment3.05 Time & Attendance PolicyHWS-P
3. Orientation & Training3.06 Delegated vs. Non-Nursing ServicesCHC-P
3 Employment3.06 Time Cards - Review PolicyHWS-P
3. Orientation & Training3.07 Supervision of ULPCHC-P
3 Employment3.07 Time Card- Exempt FormHWS-F
3. Orientation & Training3.08 Required Annual Staff TrainingCHC-P
3 Employment3.08 Time Card- Non Exempt FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.09 Break & Meal Time PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.10 Calling-In Sick PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.11 Holidays PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.12 Holidays - Floating PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.13 Overtime PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.14 PTO Request FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.15 Staffing PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.16 Cell Phones PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.17 Gifts and Donations PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.18 Personal Phone Calls PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.19 Smoking-Tobacco Use PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.20 Social Media PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.21 Solicitation PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.22 Activity Coordinator Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.23 Chef Supervisor Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.24 Cook Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.25 Custodian Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.26 Food Service Worker Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.27 Housekeeper Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.28 Housing Manager Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.29 Maintenance Supervisor Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.30 Maintenance Worker Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.31 Marketing Coordinator Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.32 Office Coordinator Job DescriptionHWS-A
3 Employment3.33 Employee Application FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.34 Sample Interview QuestionsHWS-A
3 Employment3.35 Sample Letter - New HireHWS-A
3 Employment3.36 Sample Letter - Interview TurndownHWS-A
3 Employment3.37 Sample Letter - Not InterviewedHWS-A
3 Employment3.38 Background Checks PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.39 Kari Koskinen Manager Background Check PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.40 Reference Checks PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.41 Reference Checks - QuestionsHWS-A
3 Employment3.42 Reference Checks - Verification FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.43 Orientation PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.44 Orientation ChecklistHWS-A
3 Employment3.45 Start-Change - Termination FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.46 Code of Conduct FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.47 Key & Property Log FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.48 Sample Evaluation FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.49 Sample Evaluation Form 2HWS-F
3 Employment3.50 Employee Evaluation PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.51 30-Day Performance Report FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.52 Self Assessment Review FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.53 Performance Feedback FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.54 Employee Performance Documentation FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.55 Performance Review FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.56 Corrective Action PolicyHWS-P
3 Employment3.57 Employee Counseling Step 1 FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.58 Employee Counseling Step 2 FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.59 Employee Counseling Step 3 FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.60 Employee Counseling Step 4 FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.61 Termination Report FormHWS-F
3 Employment3.62 Sample Letter - TerminationHWS-A
3 Employment3.63 Termination ChecklistHWS-A
3 Employment3.64 Housing Manager Continuing EducationHWS-A
3 Employment3.65 Dementia TrainingHWS-A
3 Employment3.66 Required Dementia Training GridHWS-A
3 Employment3.67 Required HCBS training Sample FormHWS-F
4. Nursing4.01 Initiation of Services Policy CHC-P
04 Nursing4.01 Initiation of Services PolicyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.02 Prescreen of Potential Client Needs Sample FormCHC-F
04 Nursing4.02 Prescreen of Potential Client Needs Sample FormHWS-F
04 Nursing4.03 Assessment - Schedules PolicyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.03 Assessment – Schedules PolicyCHC-P
4. Nursing4.04 Assessment - Home Care Sample Form 1CHC-F
04 Nursing4.04 Assessment - Home Care Sample Form 1HWS-F
4. Nursing4.05 Assessment - Home Care Sample Form 2CHC-F
04 Nursing4.05 Assessment - Home Care sample Form 2HWS-F
4. Nursing4.06 Sample Medication Assessment & Management Plan PolicyCHC-F
04 Nursing4.06 Sample Medication Assessment & Management Plan PolicyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.07 Sample Treatment & Therapy Management PlanCHC-F
04 Nursing4.07 Sample Treatment & Therapy Management PlanHWS-P
4. Nursing4.08.1 Medication Treatment Therapy Management Plan Sample FormCHC-F
04 Nursing4.08.1 Medication Treatment Therapy Management Plan Sample FormHWS-P
4. Nursing4.08 Assessment - Vulnerability Sample FormCHC-F
04 Nursing4.08 Assessment - Vulnerability Sample FormHWS-F
04 Nursing4.09 Service Plan PolicyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.09 Service Plan PolicyCHC-P
04 Nursing4.10 Service Plan Sample FormHWS-P
4. Nursing4.10 Service Plan Sample Form.docxCHC-F
04 Nursing4.11 Service Plan - Modification PolicyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.11 Service Plan ModificationCHC-P
4. Nursing4.12 Service Plan - Modification Sample Form.docxCHC-F
04 Nursing4.12 Service Plan - Modification Sample Form.docxHWS-F
4. Nursing4.13 Tasks Assigned Plan of Care Sample Form.docxCHC-F
04 Nursing4.13 Tasks Assigned Plan of Care Sample Form.docxHWS-P
4. Nursing4.15 Monitoring and Reassessment Form.docxCHC-F
04 Nursing4.15 Monitoring and Reassessment Form.docxHWS-F
4. Nursing4.16 Termination of Service Plans by an Arranged Home Care Provider in a
Housing with Services Assisted Living Setting
04 Nursing4.16 Termination of the Service Plan in HWS AL PolicyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.17 Termination of Service Plan by a Home Care Provider that is NOT
an arranged home care provider in an Assisted Living Housing with Services Setting
04 Nursing4.17 Termination of the Service Plan in Non HWS AL PolicyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.18 Hospice and DialysisCHC-P
04 Nursing4.18 Hospice and Dialysis policyHWS-P
04 Nursing4.19 Side rails PolicyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.19 SiderailsCHC-P
4. Nursing4.20 Bathing AssistanceCHC-P
04 Nursing4.20 Bathing Assistance policyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.21A Condom CatheterCHC-P
4. Nursing4.21 Catheter CareCHC-P
04 Nursing4.21 Catheter Care policyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.22 Denture CareCHC-P
04 Nursing4.22 Denture Care policyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.23 Dressing AssistanceCHC-P
04 Nursing4.23 Dressing Assistance policyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.24 Mouth CareCHC-P
04 Nursing4.24 Mouth Care policyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.25 Nail CareCHC-P
04 Nursing4.25 Nail Care policyHWS-P
04 Nursing4.26 Support Stockings TED Hose policyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.26 Support Stockings/ TED HoseCHC-P
4. Nursing4.27 Toileting AssistanceCHC-P
04 Nursing4.27 Toileting Assistance policyHWS-P
4. Nursing4.28 Availability of Licensed Staff for Unlicensed PersonnelCHC-P
04 Nursing4.28 Availability of Licensed Staff PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.01 Medication & Treatment Orders PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.01 Medication & Treatment Orders PolicyHWS-P
05 Medications5.02 Medication & Treatment Orders Form.docxCHC-F
05 Medications5.02 Medication & Treatment Orders Form.docxHWS-F
5. Medications5.03 Medication & Treatment Orders - Implementing PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.03 Medication & Treatment Orders - Implementing PolicyHWS-P
05 Medications5.04 Medication & Treatment Orders - Receiving PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.04 Medication & Treatment Orders – Receiving Policy CHC-P
05 Medications5.05 Medication & Treatment Orders - Renewal PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.05 Medication & Treatment Orders – Renewal PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.06 Medication & Supplies - Reordering PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.06 Medication & Supplies – Reordering PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.07 Standing Orders Form.docxCHC-F
05 Medications5.07 Standing Orders Form.docxHWS-F
05 Medications5.08 Medication Administration - Documentation PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.08 Medication and Treatment Administration - Documentation PolicyCHC-P
5. Medications5.09 Medication Administration - Licensed Nurse Policy CHC-P
05 Medications5.09 Medication Administration - Licensed Nurse PolicyHWS-P
05 Medications5.10 Medication Administration - ULP PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.10 Medication Management Services Provided by Unlicensed Personnel PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.11 Medication Administration - Weekly Dosage Box PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.11 Medication Administration - Weekly Dosage Box PolicyCHC-P
5. Medications5.12 Medication Administration – Planned and Unplanned Time Away Policy CHC-P
05 Medications5.12 Medication Administration – Planned and Unplanned Time Away PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.13 Storage of Medications PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.13 Storage of Medications PolicyHWS-P
05 Medications5.14 Medication Record - Documentation PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.14 Medication Record – Documentation PolicyCHC-P
5. Medications5.15 Medication Management Services Provided by Unlicensed PersonnelCHC-P
5. Medications5.16 Narcotic Log Policy CHC-P
05 Medications5.16 Narcotic Log PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.17 Disposal of Medication Policy CHC-P
05 Medications5.17 Disposal of Medication PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.18 Loss or Spillage of Schedule II Medication PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.18 Loss or Spillage of Schedule II Medication PolicyHWS-P
05 Medications5.19 Medication Error PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.19 Medication Errors PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.20 Medication Error Report Form.docxCHC-F
05 Medications5.20 Medication Error Report Form.docxHWS-F
05 Medications5.21 Blood Sugar Testing - Single Equipment Use PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.21 Blood Sugar Testing – Single Client Use PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.22 Blood Sugar Testing - - Shared Equipment Use PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.22 Blood Sugar Testing - Shared Equipment UseCHC-P
05 Medications5.23 Ear Drop PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.23 Ear Drops PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.24 Eye Drop & Ointment PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.24 Eye Drops and Eye Ointment PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.25 Inhaler PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.25 Inhalers PolicyCHC-P
5. Medications5.26 Insulin PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.26 Insulin PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.27 Nebulizer Treatment PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.27 Nebulizer Treatment PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.28 Nitro Patch Administration PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.28 Nitro Patch Administration PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.29 Nose Drops & Nasal Spray PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.29 Nose Drops & Nasal Spray PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.30 Oxygen PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.30 Oxygen PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.31 Rectal Medication PolicyCHC-P
05 Medications5.31 Rectal Medication policyHWS-P
5. Medications5.32 Topical Application of Ointment & CreamCHC-P
05 Medications5.32 Topical Application of Ointment & Cream PolicyHWS-P
05 Medications5.33 PRN Medication PolicyHWS-P
5. Medications5.33 PRN MedicationsCHC-P
05 Medications5.34 PRN Medication Notes Sample Form.docxHWS-F
06 Infection Control6.01 Clean and Safe EnvironmentHWS-P
6. Infection Control6.02 Cleaning of Shared Medical EquipmentCHC-P
06 Infection Control6.02 Cleaning of Shared Medical Equipment policyHWS-P
6. Infection Control6.03 Disinfecting environmental surfacesCHC-P
06 Infection Control6.03 Disinfecting Environmental Surfaces policyHWS-P
6. Infection Control6.04 Disposal of contaminated materialsCHC-P
06 Infection Control6.04 Disposal of Contaminated Materials policyHWS-P
6. Infection Control6.05 GlovesCHC-P
06 Infection Control6.05 Gloves policyHWS-P
6. Infection Control6.06 Hand washingCHC-P
06 Infection Control6.06 Hand washing policyHWS-P
6. Infection Control6.07 Standard PrecautionsCHC-P
06 Infection Control6.07 Standard Precautions policyHWS-P
6. Infection Control6.08 Tuberculosis & Staff ScreeningCHC-P
06 Infection Control6.08 Tuberculosis & Staff Screening policyHWS-P
06 Infection Control6.09 Tuberculosis Skin Testing ProtocolHWS-P
06 Infection Control6.10 Tuberculosis Screening Form.docxHWS-F
7. Disaster Planning7.01 Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness Plan PolicyCHC-P
07 Disaster Planning7.01 Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness Plan PolicyHWS-P
07 Disaster Planning7.02 Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Sample HVA Form.docxHWS-F
7. Disaster Planning7.03 Disaster PolicyCHC-P
07 Disaster Planning7.03 Disaster PolicyHWS-P
7. Disaster Planning7.04 Bomb and Bomb Threats PolicyCHC-P
07 Disaster Planning7.04 Bomb and Bomb Threats policyHWS-P
7. Disaster Planning7.05 Fire PolicyCHC-P
07 Disaster Planning7.05 Fire PolicyHWS-P
7. Disaster Planning7.06 Heat and Humidity PolicyCHC-P
07 Disaster Planning7.06 Heat and Humidity PolicyHWS-P
7. Disaster Planning7.07 Severe WeatherCHC-P
07 Disaster Planning7.07 Severe Weather PolicyHWS-P
7. Disaster Planning7.08 Water ShortageCHC-P
07 Disaster Planning7.08 Water Shortage PolicyHWS-P
7. Disaster Planning7.09 Winter StormsCHC-P
07 Disaster Planning7.09 Winter Storms PolicyHWS-P
7. Disaster Planning7.10 Temporary Shelter Disaster PlanCHC-P
08 OSHA8.01 OSHA Handbook 2013HWS-A
08 OSHA8.02 AWAIR PolicyHWS-P
8. OSHA8.04 Employee Right to KnowCHC-P
08 OSHA8.04 Employee Right to Know PolicyHWS-P
08 OSHA8.05 Employee Right to Know - ERTKHWS-A
08 OSHA8.06 OSHA First Report of Injury Form.docxHWS-F
08 OSHA8.07 OSHA Form 300.docxHWS-F
08 OSHA8.08 OSHA Form 300a.docxHWS-F
08 OSHA8.09 OSHA Form 301.docxHWS-F
9. HIPAA9.01 Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA) DisseminationCHC-P
09 HIPAA9.01 Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA) DisseminationHWS-A
09 HIPAA9.02 Sample Business Associates HIPAA policyHWS-P
09 HIPAA9.03 Sample Business Contract HIPAAHWS-A
09 HIPAA9.04 Sample HIPAA Forms.docxHWS-F
10 Appendix10.01 Additional Selected Resource LinksHWS-A
10 Appendix10.02 Home Care Law New - 2014 (new 2019)HWS-A
10 Appendix10.03 HWS-AL Rehospitalization Tool Rev1HWS-A
10 Appendix10.04 Instructions for AL Rehospitalization Tool Rev1HWS-A
1 - General Policies1.24.1 Abuse Policy | Submitted with Home Care Application - Vulnerable Adults & Minors CHC-P
1 - General Policies1.37 Video Surveillance Policy MNGH